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Selected popular articles, op-eds and editorials by Dr. Govind Singh

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Water Security

As water crisis looms, Delhi must do more  |  (Newspaper clip)
Himalayan water woes
Urban floodplains must become biodiversity parks
Environmental Impact Assessment and the Chamoli disaster
Delhi Urban Water Woes Meet Lessons From Environmental History


Waste Management

As crisis grows, time to revisit plastics policy | (Newspaper clip)
‘Right to repair’ key to circular economy
Total ban on polythene bags need of the hour in Manipur
Mahatma Gandhi’s Vision of Clean India
Waste Not, Want Not Can Also Create Sustainable Societies
Role of Community in Urban Waste Management


Biodiversity and Conservation

GM crops need more research
Why millets matter
Food supply chains must be reimagined to end hunger
Cows and their milk
A tale of two protests
Acting locally may be killing India’s lions
Urban Ecology & Ecosystem Inputs – Need of the Urban Era
What’s That October Devilish Smell, Delhi?
Delhi: 100 Years of Being the Capital, Time Now to Save its Lifelines
Top Five Reasons Why You Must Act to Save the Tiger
The Indian Gharial: Going, Going, Gone?


Climate Change

Could we sue Mother Earth for storm damage?
Nuclear energy offers the best bang for the buck
Climate change lessons from Montreal Protocol success
All-weather road project now under the weather
North American heatwave a warning to the world
Fossil fuel costs must include externalities
A confused EV policy
Climate proofing cities is key to urban resilience
Coronavirus Pandemic, Global Warming and the Striking Similarity in Misdirection
Climate Change – An ‘Urban’ Reality Check
Urban Sustainability and a Changing Climate


Sustainable Development

Increasing gender disparity and its implications for Manipur
What is EIA and Why You Should Continue to Care
Is COVID-19 Pandemic a Warning Shot from Mother Nature
A Note on the Environmental Issues of Delhi
Before the trains arrive, a must read for every Manipuri
The Need for Evolving an Anti-Racial Law in India
Environmental Education: Jack of All Trades, Saviour of the World
Gandhi, Environment and the Sustainable Development Pathway
Education for Sustainable Development: Need of the Hour
Sustainable Development Goals 2016-2030: Easier Stated Than Achieved
Urbanisation Trend and Pattern in India: Census 2011 and Beyond
Status Check of ‘Our Common Environment’ Worrisome
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Delhi: Who Failed Whom?
The greater good
Bus Rapid Transit – A struggling corridor to a green future
Delhi and its Greens: A Woody Affair


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