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Associate Professor, Jindal School of Environment and Sustainability

Dr. Govind Singh is Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at JSES, O. P. Jindal Global University. The JSES (Jindal School of Environment & Sustainability) is a pioneering School which offers India’s first truly interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development.

Courses taught by Dr. Govind Singh at JSES:

  • ENVS1002: Introduction to Ecology
  • ENVS1006: Academic Writing and Interdisciplinarity
  • ENVS1008: Ecological Economics
  • ENVS1016: Sustainable Ecotourism Development
  • ENVS2002: Water: Science and Policy
  • ENVS2011: Ecosystem Restoration and Conservation Ecology

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Director (Honorary), Delhi Greens

Dr. Govind Singh serves on the Board of Trustees of the Delhi Greens non-profit organisation. He is also the Hon. Director of the organisation.

Delhi Greens is a Delhi based non-profit organisation set up in the year 2007 with the objective of protecting and preserving our common environment.

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