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Associate Professor, Jindal School of Environment and Sustainability

Dr. Govind Singh is Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at JSES, O. P. Jindal Global University. The JSES (Jindal School of Environment and Sustainability) is a pioneering School which offers India’s first truly interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies.

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JSES Website

Director (Honorary), Delhi Greens

Dr. Govind Singh servers on the Board of Trustees of the Delhi Greens non-profit organisation. He is also the Hon. Director of the organisation.

Delhi Greens is a Delhi based non-profit organisation set up in the year 2007 with the objective of protecting and preserving our common environment.

Delhi Greens website

Delhi Greens Blog Magazine website

Urban Ecology – Research and Action Laboratory

Dr. Govind Singh leads the Urban Ecology – Research and Action (uERA) Virtual Laboratory. The uERA Lab was set up in 2014 with the objective of addressing urban sustainability challenges of the twenty first century.

The uERA Lab primarily focuses on urban environments in the backdrop of regional and national environmental security. The uERA Lab is an attempt to bring together interdisciplinary skill sets and carry out Research & Development activities in the mighty task of making cities work.

The uERA Lab focuses on the following two regions, and has a third focus areas as described below:

  1. NCR of Delhi – An Open Urban Ecology Laboratory
  2. North-east India – Emerging Urbanisation
  3. Environmental Archaeology of Cities

Urban Ecology – Research and Action (uERA) Laboratory website

Unific Publishing House

Dr. Govind Singh is associated with UPH which actively encourages writers, researchers, “thinkers” and budding authors to publish their work. The UPH was founded in 2018.

India is know for its rich heritage of literature, both oral and written. Every Indian must be proud of the fact that scriptures, books and manuscripts were first written in the Indian sub-continent, at a time when civilization was not found to exist in other parts of the world. Every India must also embrace this rich tradition by educating oneself so one is able to better appreciate the work of our very knowledgeable, ancient forefathers. The next step is to create new literature for building and assimilating knowledge by standing on the shoulders of these giants. This is the motivation that drives the functioning of the Unific Publishing House (UPH).

Unific Publishing House website

Pioneer Journal of UPH
Journal of Interdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development (first edition in print)

Past initiative of Dr. Govind Singh for promoting research and publishing:
Journal of Innovation for Inclusive Development (ISSN 2456-4478)

Other Initiatives under UPH

SPRING or the Society for Promoting Research in Next Generation is a unique initiative for imparting research skills to school students, undergraduates and postgraduate students and encouraging them to communicate and publish their research findings.