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Questions from Class 3 – ECOL102

Question 1: Imagine that you close the doors and windows (assuming no air is going out or coming in) of the room you are sitting in. You are now interested to find out how much oxygen in the room will decrease in one hour.

Is this an Ecological experiment? If yes, then how what are the boundaries of the ecosystem in which you are conducting this experiment. What are the biotic factors you are focusing on? What are the abiotic factors you are focusing on?

You know from a previous experiment that the total amount of oxygen inhaled by you in one hour is 100 units, However, you find that the total decrease in oxygen concentration in the room in one hour is 105 units. What could this mean?

Question 2: Why are groups of similar looking organisms called one population and not one species? Can you give an example of a population to show how it is different from a species?

Question 3: It is said that we must not keep spraying mosquitoes with the same insecticides/ spray to kill them, otherwise they will get immune to it. Can a mosquito really get immune after consuming the same chemical again and again? If yes, then why don’t we humans get immune to pollution too!? If no, then why do we say that?


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Let me clarify once again that this is formative assessment and is not being evaluated. So please type in your answers as you would reply to them in class. This is for helping you learn better.

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