Dr. Govind Singh is a researcher, philosopher, environmentalist and academician. He holds a Master's and a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Delhi. He works with an interdisciplinary approach for environmental protection and sustainable development by balancing contemporary environmental management principles with Spiritual Ecology and Traditional Knowledge. Following are some of his key skills and areas of expertise.

Environmental Consultant

Provides consultancy for projects related to Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management.


Over six years experience of teaching Environmental Studies in the University of Delhi.

Author & Editor

Noted author and editor of popular articles, academic manuscripts and journals.

Environmental Leader

Environmental Youth Leader and Organiser of Training Programmes, Green Campaigns and Rallies.

Green Innovator

Develops Information Communication & Technology tools for Social Development and Environmental Protection.


Philosopher and Visionary with a focus on Environmental Harmony and Inclusive & Sustainable Development.

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Selected Current Engagements & Affiliations

Following are some selected, current engagements and affiliations of Dr. Govind Singh.

Associate Professor, Jindal School of Environment and Sustainability

Dr. Govind Singh is Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at JSES, O. P. Jindal Global University.

Director (Honorary), Delhi Greens

Dr. Govind Singh servers on the Board of Trustees of the Delhi Greens non-profit organisation. He is also the Hon. Director of the organisation.

Urban Ecology – Research and Action Laboratory

Dr. Govind Singh leads the Urban Ecology – Research and Action (uERA) Virtual Laboratory. The uERA Lab was set up in 2014 with the objective of

Unific Publishing House

Dr. Govind Singh is associated with UPH which actively encourages writers, researchers, "thinkers" and budding authors to publish their work. The